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  1. 1  [countable + singular or plural verb] all the people who act in a play or film/movie The whole cast performs/perform brilliantly. members of the cast an all-star cast (= including many well-known actors) the supporting cast (= not the main actors, but the others) a cast list Wordfinderactor, audition, body double, cameo, cast, play, role, star, stuntman, understudy Wordfinderact, cast, drama, entrance, exit, line, play, role, scene, speech See related entries: Film reviews and promotion, Making films, Film people, People in theatre
  2. in shaping metal
  3. 2[countable] an object that is made by pouring hot liquid metal, etc. into a mould (= a specially shaped container)
  4. 3[countable] a shaped container used to make an object synonym mould
  5. appearance
  6. 4[singular] (formal) the way that a person or thing is or appears He has an unusual cast of mind. I disliked the arrogant cast to her mouth.
  7. throw
  8. 5[countable] an act of throwing something, especially a fishing line
  9. on arm/leg
  10. 6[countable] = plaster cast Her leg's in a cast. See related entries: Medical equipment
  11. see also opencast
    Word Originnoun senses 2 to 6 Middle English: from Old Norse kasta ‘to cast or throw’. noun sense 1 mid 17th cent.: a special use of the original meaning of cast,in sense (11) of the verb.Extra examples The play has a large cast of characters. Who is in the cast? The colours he wore emphasized the olive cast of his skin.
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