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    BrE BrE//ˈkæʒuəl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkæʒuəl//
    Describing jobs, Describing clothes
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    without care/attention
  1. 1[usually before noun] not showing much care or thought; seeming not to be worried; not wanting to show that something is important to you a casual manner It was just a casual remark—I wasn't really serious. He tried to sound casual, but I knew he was worried. They have a casual attitude towards safety (= they don't care enough).
  2. 2[usually before noun] without paying attention to detail a casual glance It's obvious even to the casual observer.
  3. not formal
  4. 3not formal casual clothes (= comfortable clothes that you choose to wear in your free time) family parties and other casual occasions See related entries: Describing clothes
  5. see also smart casual
  6. 4[usually before noun] not permanent; not done, or doing something regularly casual workers/labour Students sometimes do casual work in the tourist trade. They are employed on a casual basis (= they do not have a permanent job with the company). See related entries: Describing jobs
  7. relationship
  8. 5[usually before noun] without deep affection a casual acquaintance a casual friendship to have casual sex (= to have sex without having a steady relationship with that partner)
  9. by chance
  10. 6[only before noun] happening by chance; doing something by chance a casual encounter/meeting a casual passer-by The exhibition is interesting to both the enthusiast and the casual visitor. The disease is not spread by casual contact.
  11. Word Originlate Middle English (in senses 4 to 6 of the adjective): from Old French casuel and Latin casualis, from casus ‘fall’.Extra examples She sounded almost casual. There was something a little too carefully casual in his tone. At a casual glance, everything seemed normal. Despite his casual dress of jeans and shirt, there was still an air of sophistication about him. It was just a casual remark—I wasn’t really serious. It’s obvious even to the casual observer. She felt comfortable in casual clothes and wore them most of the time. She seemed just too casual about the whole thing. They have a casual attitude towards safety. a casual shirt/​jacket casual pants casual shoes casual trousers
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