Definition of cheerful adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



    BrE BrE//ˈtʃɪəfl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈtʃɪrfl//
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  1. 1  happy, and showing it by the way that you behave You're not your usual cheerful self today. He felt bright and cheerful and full of energy. You’re in a cheerful mood. a cheerful, hard-working employee a cheerful smile/voice See related entries: Happiness
  2. 2  giving you a feeling of happiness a bright, cheerful restaurant walls painted in cheerful (= light and bright) colours a chatty, cheerful letter
  3. Extra examples I’m amazed that she keeps so cheerful. We tried to keep him cheerful. ‘The doctor is on her way,’ said Mrs Morris, in a falsely cheerful voice. He’s always been a cheerful, hard-working employee. She tried to sound cheerful and unconcerned. She wrote him a chatty, cheerful letter. You’re in a cheerful mood today. You’re not your usual cheerful self today. You’re very cheerful, all of a sudden.
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