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BrE BrE//ˈkləʊðɪŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈkloʊðɪŋ//
[uncountable] Departments in stores
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  • clothes, especially a particular type of clothes protective clothing the high cost of food and clothing an item/article of clothing a clothing manufacturer Synonymsclothesclothing garment dress wear gearThese are all words for the things that you wear, such as shirts, jackets, dresses and trousers/​pants.clothes [pl.] the things that you wear, such as shirts, jackets, dresses and trousers/​pants.clothing [U] (rather formal) clothes, especially a particular type of clothes:warm clothingclothes or clothing?Clothing is more formal than clothes and is used especially to mean ‘a particular type of clothes’. There is no singular form of clothes or clothing: a piece/​an item/​an article of clothing is used to talk about one thing that you wear such as a dress or shirt.garment (formal) a piece of clothing:He was wearing a strange shapeless garment. Garment should only be used in formal or literary contexts; in everyday contexts use a piece of clothing.dress [U] clothes, especially when worn in a particular style or for a particular occasion:We were allowed to wear casual dress on Fridays.wear [U] (usually in compounds) clothes for a particular purpose or occasion, especially when it is being sold in shops/​stores:the children’s wear departmentgear [U] (informal) clothes:Her friends were all wearing the latest gear (= fashionable clothes).Patterns casual clothes/​clothing/​dress/​wear/​gear evening/​formal clothes/​dress/​wear designer/​sports clothes/​clothing/​garments/​wear/​gear children’s/​men’s/​women’s clothes/​clothing/​garments/​wear to have on/​be in/​wear …clothes/​garments/​dress/​gear See related entries: Departments in stores
  • Extra examples She wore traditional Chinese clothing. Workers at the factory wear protective clothing. He went to work for a clothing manufacturer. Please make sure you bring warm clothing. The cost of household goods, clothing and footwear fell this month. What was the last item of clothing you bought?Idioms
    a wolf in sheep’s clothing
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    a person who seems to be friendly or harmless but is really an enemy
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