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    BrE BrE//kəˈlekʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kəˈlekʃn//
    Producing music, The fashion world, The art world, Helping others
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    group of objects/people
  1. 1  [countable] a group of objects, often of the same sort, that have been collected a stamp/coin, etc. collection The painting comes from his private collection. See related entries: The art world
  2. 2[countable] a group of objects or people There was a collection of books and shoes on the floor. There is always a strange collection of runners in the London Marathon.
  3. taking away/bringing together
  4. 3  [countable, uncountable] an act of taking something away from a place; an act of bringing things together into one place refuse/garbage collection The last collection from this postbox is at 5.15. Your suit will be ready for collection on Tuesday. The first stage in research is data collection. compare pickup
  5. poems/stories/music
  6. 4[countable] a group of poems, stories or pieces of music published together as one book, disc, etc. a collection of stories by women writers a collection of favourite Christmas music See related entries: Producing music
  7. money
  8. 5[countable] an act of collecting money to help a charity or during a church service; the money collected a house-to-house collection for Cancer Research The total collection last week amounted to £250. Wordfinderappeal, benefit, charity, collection, donation, fundraiser, handout, telethon, volunteer, welfare See related entries: Helping others
  9. new clothes
  10. 6[countable] a range of new clothes or items for the home that are designed, made and offered for sale, often for a particular season Armani’s stunning new autumn collection CollocationsClothes and fashionClothes be wearing a new outfit/​bright colours/​fancy dress/​fur/​uniform be (dressed) in black/​red/​jeans and a T-shirt/​your best suit/​leather/​silk/​rags (= very old torn clothes) be dressed for work/​school/​dinner/​a special occasion be dressed as a man/​woman/​clown/​pirate wear/​dress in casual/​designer/​second-hand clothes wear jewellery/(especially US English) jewelry/​accessories/​a watch/​glasses/​contact lenses/​perfume have a cowboy hat/​red dress/​blue suit on put on/​take off your clothes/​coat/​shoes/​helmet pull on/​pull off your coat/​gloves/​socks change into/​get changed into a pair of jeans/​your pyjamas/(especially US English) your pajamasAppearance change/​enhance/​improve your appearance create/​get/​have/​give something a new/​contemporary/​retro look brush/​comb/​shampoo/​wash/​blow-dry your hair have/​get a haircut/​your hair cut/​a new hairstyle have/​get a piercing/​your nose pierced have/​get a tattoo/​a tattoo done (on your arm)/a tattoo removed have/​get a makeover/​cosmetic surgery use/​wear/​apply/​put on make-up/​cosmeticsFashion follow/​keep up with (the) fashion/​the latest fashions spend/​waste money on designer clothes be fashionably/​stylishly/​well dressed have good/​great/​terrible/​awful taste in clothes update/​revamp your wardrobe be in/​come into/​go out of fashion be (back/​very much) in vogue create a style/​trend/​vogue for something organize/​put on a fashion show show/​unveil a designer’s spring/​summer collection sashay/​strut down the catwalk/(North American English also) runway be on/​do a photo/​fashion shoot See related entries: The fashion world
  11. Word Originlate Middle English: via Old French from Latin collectio(n-), from colligere ‘gather together’, from col- ‘together’ + legere ‘choose or collect’.Extra examples A collection will be taken at the end of the service. A glass-fronted cabinet displayed a collection of china figurines. He built up his collection over a period of ten years. He donated his art collection to the Guggenheim Museum. Historians frequently ask to consult the collection. I was allowed to view his family collection of miniatures. Running through the tale is a motley collection of loners looking for love. She had the task of cataloguing the library and organizing the collection of rare manuscripts. She had the task of organizing the collection of rare manuscripts. She has recently launched her new ready-to-wear collection. She made a collection of Roman coins and medals. She needed only one more stamp to complete her collection. The band has just released a collection of their greatest hits. The collection contains some 500 items. The collection covers all phases of Picasso’s career. The collection has been added to over the years. The collection is rarely on view to the public. The collection is to go on public display for the first time next month. The council offers free collection of waste. The exhibition features a magnificent collection of bronze statues. The museum boasts a superb collection of medieval weapons. The museum has a large reserve collection in storage, which members of the public rarely get to see. The museum’s collection is growing all the time. The museum’s collection spans 5 000 years of art history. The permanent collection is displayed on the first floor, whilst the ground floor houses temporary exhibitions. There are some difficulties with the collection of reliable data. They will arrange collection of the chairs. We have a small but representative collection of Brazilian art. We offer free collection of waste. We will have a collection for charity at the end of the concert. Your car is awaiting collection at our garage. a historical archive collection of 20 000 documents a lack of collection points for waste paper a new building to house the national collection of arms and armour a new painting to add to their collection a refuse collection service a research collection available for study by archaeologists a street collection for famine relief a valuable collection of antique porcelain different methods of data collection major collections dating from the 11th to the 19th century the church collection plate the first designer to unveil his collection for the spring season the largest private art collection in the world the need for more efficient tax collection the systematic collection of data to assemble and analyse a representative collection of data to publish a collection of scholarly essays A somewhat strange collection of people had gathered in front of the building. They appeared to be a motley collection of college students. a house-to-house collection for Cancer Relief rubbish/​garbage collection
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