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    BrE BrE//kənˈsɜːnd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kənˈsɜːrnd//
    Showing interest
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  1. 1  worried and feeling concern about something Concerned parents held a meeting. concerned about/for something The President is deeply concerned about this issue. concerned for something He didn't seem in the least concerned for her safety. concerned (that)… She was concerned that she might miss the turning and get lost. Synonymsworriedconcerned nervous anxious uneasyThese words all describe feeling unhappy and afraid because you are thinking about unpleasant things that might happen or might have happened.worried thinking about unpleasant things that might happen or might have happened and therefore feeling unhappy and afraidconcerned worried and feeling concern about somethingworried or concerned?Concerned is usually used when you are talking about a problem that affects another person, society, the world, etc, while worried can be used for this or for more personal matters.nervous feeling worried about something or slightly afraid of somethinganxious feeling worried or nervous about somethingworried, nervous or anxious?Worried is the most frequent word to describe how you feel when you are thinking about a problem or something bad that might happen. Anxious can describe a stronger feeling and is more formal. Nervous is more often used to describe how you feel before you do something very important such as an exam or an interview, or something unpleasant or difficult. Nervous can describe somebody’s personality: a very nervous girl is often or usually nervous; a worried girl is worried on a particular occasion or about a particular thing. Worried describes her feelings, not her personality. Anxious may describe feelings or personality.uneasy feeling worried or unhappy about a particular situation, especially because you think something bad may happen or because you are not sure that what you are doing is rightPatterns worried/​concerned/​nervous/​anxious/​uneasy about (doing) something worried/​concerned/​anxious for somebody/​something worried/​concerned/​nervous/​anxious that… a(n) worried/​concerned/​nervous/​anxious/​uneasy expression/​look/​smile to get worried/​nervous/​anxious
  2. 2  concerned (about/with something) interested in something They were more concerned with how the other women had dressed than with what the speaker was saying. See related entries: Showing interest
  3. opposite unconcerned
    Language BankaboutSaying what a text is about The book is about homeless people in the cities. The report deals with the issue of homelessness in London. The writer discusses the problems faced by homeless people. The article presents an overview of the issues surrounding homelessness. The novel explores the theme of friendship among homeless people. The first chapter examines the relationship between homelessness and drug addiction. The paper considers the question of why so many young people become homeless.Extra examples Doctors are concerned at the prospect of heart patients having to wait up to a year for surgery. Mathematics is concerned essentially with understanding abstract concepts. She was not unduly concerned by the prospect of managing on her own. Social anthropology is centrally concerned with the diversity of culture. The leadership was concerned at the perceived failure to find a solution, We are now deeply concerned for his safety. I was rather concerned at the severity of the punishment.Idioms
    as/so far as I am concerned
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     used to give your personal opinion on something As far as I am concerned, you can do what you like.
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