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BrE BrE//ˈkɒnsət//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈkɑːnsərt//
Live music
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  • a public performance of music a concert of music by Bach a classical/rock/pop concert They're in concert at Wembley Arena. a concert hall/pianist CollocationsMusicListening listen to/​enjoy/​love/​be into music/​classical music/​jazz/​pop/​hip-hop, etc. listen to the radio/​an MP3 player/​a CD put on/​play a CD/​a song/​some music turn down/​up the music/​radio/​volume/​bass go to a concert/​festival/​gig/​performance/​recital copy/​burn/​rip music/​a CD/​a DVD download music/​an album/​a song/​a demo/​a videoPlaying play a musical instrument/​the piano/​percussion/​a note/​a riff/​the melody/​a concerto/​a duet/​by ear sing an anthem/​a ballad/​a solo/​an aria/​the blues/​in a choir/​soprano/​alto/​tenor/​bass/​out of tune hum a tune/​a theme tune/​a lullaby accompany a singer/​choir strum a chord/​guitarPerforming form/​start/​get together/​join/​quit/​leave a band give a performance/​concert/​recital do a concert/​recital/​gig play a concert/​gig/​festival/​venue perform (British English) at/​in a concert/(especially North American English) a concert appear at a festival/​live go on/​embark on a (world) tourRecording write/​compose music/​a ballad/​a melody/​a tune/​a song/​a theme song/​an opera/​a symphony land/​get/​sign a record deal be signed to/​be dropped by a record company record/​release/​put out an album/​a single/​a CD be top of/​top the charts get to/​go straight to/​go straight in at/​enter the charts at number one Wordfinderaudience, auditorium, concert, interval, microphone, perform, programme, soloist, support, venue See related entries: Live music
  • Word Originlate 16th cent. (in the sense ‘unite’): from French concerter, from Italian concertare ‘harmonize’. The noun use, dating from the early 17th cent. (in the sense ‘a combination of voices or sounds’), is from French concert, from Italian concerto, from concertare.Extra examples He will be giving his farewell concert as Music Director of the Ulster Orchestra. She sang at a gala concert to celebrate the music of Stephen Sondheim. The Queen attended a gala concert at the Royal Festival Hall. The band is putting on its biggest concert of the year. The orchestra performs its final concert of the season tomorrow. We’re organizing a concert for charity. a concert of military music They performed a concert of music by Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev. We saw Muse in concert at Reading Festival. a concert hall/​pianistIdioms
    in concert with somebody/something
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    (formal) working together with somebody/something
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