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    BrE BrE//ˈkɒnʃəsnəs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkɑːnʃəsnəs//
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  1. 1the state of being able to use your senses and mental powers to understand what is happening I can't remember any more—I must have lost consciousness. She did not regain consciousness and died the next day.
  2. 2the state of being aware of something synonym awareness his consciousness of the challenge facing him class-consciousness (= consciousness of different classes in society)
  3. 3the ideas and opinions of a person or group her newly developed political consciousness issues affecting the popular consciousness of the time
  4. see also stream of consciousness
    Extra examples He claims that it’s a form of false consciousness for working people to vote. Hip-hop exploded into popular consciousness at the same time as the music video. I left the room with full consciousness of the impression I would make. In some cultures shamans use drugs to alter consciousness. Our role as educators is to develop a critical consciousness among our students. She hit her head on a rock and lost consciousness. She sees racism as a form of false consciousness, where a society collectively believes untrue things about other races. The cold water brought me back to full consciousness. The idea firmly lodged itself in the public consciousness. The words slowly entered her consciousness. These memories became an important component of Polish historical consciousness. They have succeeded in raising consciousness on many issues. When she regained consciousness she was in a hospital bed. a book that has changed cultural consciousness in the US a change that altered our collective consciousness forever a decline in civic consciousness and a growing indifference to public affairs a growing consciousness of environmental issues among children a key position in feminist consciousness a new consciousness about the health consequences of pesticides a new political consciousness among young people a sense of ethnic consciousness among Lithuanian Americans an altered state of consciousness imagery that has entered the national consciousness through the media powerful states of cosmic consciousness the modern study of animal consciousness the practices that are used by yogis to reach divine consciousness to aspire to a higher consciousness Her consciousness of the challenge that faced her did not put her off. In popular consciousness he will always be a hero. The memory remained deep in his consciousness. There has always been a strong social consciousness in the city. We need to raise people’s consciousness of environmental issues.
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