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    BrE BrE//kənˈsɜːvətri//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kənˈsɜːrvətɔːri//
    (pl. conservatories) Rooms in a house, Higher education institutions, In the garden
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  1. 1 a room with glass walls and a glass roof that is built on the side of a house. Conservatories are used for sitting in to enjoy the sun, and to protect plants from cold weather. See related entries: Rooms in a house, In the garden
  2. 2(North American English) (British English conservatoire) a school or college at which people are trained in music and theatre See related entries: Higher education institutions
  3. Word Originmid 16th cent. (denoting something that preserves): from late Latin conservatorium, from conservare ‘to preserve’, from con- ‘together’ + servare ‘to keep’.
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