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    BrE BrE//ˈkʌpl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkʌpl//
    In British English a plural verb is usually used in all 3 senses. Marriage
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  1. 1  [singular + singular or plural verb] couple (of something) two people or things I saw a couple of men get out.
  2. 2  [singular + singular or plural verb] couple (of something) a small number of people or things synonym a few a couple of minutes We went there a couple of years ago. I've seen her a couple of times before. I'll be with you in a minute. There are a couple of things I have to do first. There are a couple more files to read first. We can do it in the next couple of weeks. The last couple of years have been difficult.
  3. 3  [countable + singular or plural verb] two people who are seen together, especially if they are married or in a romantic or sexual relationship married couples a young/an elderly couple Several couples were on the dance floor. The couple was/were married in 2006. see also power couple CollocationsMarriage and divorceRomance fall/​be (madly/​deeply/​hopelessly) in love (with somebody) be/​believe in/​fall in love at first sight be/​find true love/​the love of your life suffer (from) (the pains/​pangs of) unrequited love have/​feel/​show/​express great/​deep/​genuine affection for somebody/​something meet/​marry your husband/​wife/​partner/​fiancé/fiancée/​boyfriend/​girlfriend have/​go on a (blind) date be going out with/(especially North American English) dating a guy/​girl/​boy/​man/​woman move in with/​live with your boyfriend/​girlfriend/​partnerWeddings get/​be engaged/​married/​divorced arrange/​plan a wedding have a big wedding/​a honeymoon/​a happy marriage have/​enter into an arranged marriage call off/​cancel/​postpone your wedding invite somebody to/​go to/​attend a wedding/​a wedding ceremony/​a wedding reception conduct/​perform a wedding ceremony exchange rings/​wedding vows/​marriage vows congratulate/​toast/​raise a glass to the happy couple be/​go on honeymoon (with your wife/​husband) celebrate your first (wedding) anniversarySeparation and divorce be unfaithful to/(informal) cheat on your husband/​wife/​partner/​fiancé/fiancée/​boyfriend/​girlfriend have an affair (with somebody) break off/​end an engagement/​a relationship break up with/​split up with/ (informal) dump your boyfriend/​girlfriend separate from/​be separated from/​leave/​divorce your husband/​wife annul/​dissolve a marriage apply for/​ask for/​go through/​get a divorce get/​gain/​be awarded/​have/​lose custody of the children pay alimony/​child support (to your ex-wife/​husband) See related entries: Marriage
  4. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French cople (noun), copler (verb), from Latin copula (noun), copulare (verb), from co- ‘together’ + apere ‘fasten’. Compare with copula and copulate.Extra examples The hotel was full of honeymoon couples. They make a beautiful couple. We stood and drank a toast to the happy couple. childless couples seeking to adoptIdioms
    in two shakes, in a couple of shakes
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    (informal) very soon We’ll be there in a couple of shakes.
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