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    BrE BrE//kræŋk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kræŋk//
    Describing strange traits, Anger, How machines work
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  1. 1(disapproving) a person with ideas that other people find strange synonym eccentric Vegetarians are no longer dismissed as cranks. Everybody famous gets crank calls and letters. See related entries: Describing strange traits
  2. 2(North American English) a person who easily gets angry or annoyed The old crank next door can’t stand the sound of our lawnmower. See related entries: Anger
  3. 3a bar and handle in the shape of an L that you pull or turn to produce movement in a machine, etc. See related entries: How machines work
  4. Word Originnoun sense 3 Old English cranc (recorded in crancstæf, denoting a weaver's implement), related to crincan ‘bend, yield, fall in battle’, of Germanic origin .
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