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    BrE BrE//ˈkrɒsɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkrɔːsɪŋ//
    Features of roads, Travelling by boat or ship
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  1. 1a place where you can safely cross a road, a river, etc., or from one country to another The child was killed when a car failed to stop at the crossing. The next crossing point is a long way downstream. He was arrested by guards at the border crossing. see also level crossing, pedestrian crossing, pelican crossing, zebra crossing See related entries: Features of roads
  2. 2a place where two lines, two roads or two tracks cross synonym intersection See related entries: Features of roads
  3. 3a journey across a sea or a wide river a three-hour ferry crossing a rough crossing from Dover to Calais the first Atlantic crossing See related entries: Travelling by boat or ship
  4. 4an act of going from one side to another attempted crossings of the border
  5. Extra examples A passenger train smashed into a truck on a level crossing. The price includes accommodation and ferry crossing. There are six ferry crossings a day. They were stopped and searched at the border crossing. We discussed our plans during the crossing. We were caught at the grade crossing. You can only make the crossing in good weather. a rough crossing from Bali to Flores a very rough crossing from England to Ireland the main crossing point on the border She looked at the sea and knew it would be a rough crossing. The crossing has been closed to traffic since April. The ferry crossing will take three hours. The ship held the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing.
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