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    BrE BrE//kwɪˈziːn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kwɪˈziːn//
    [uncountable, countable] (from French) Dining out
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  1. 1a style of cooking Italian cuisine See related entries: Dining out
  2. 2the food served in a restaurant (usually an expensive one) The hotel restaurant is noted for its excellent cuisine. See related entries: Dining out
  3. see also haute cuisine, nouvelle cuisine
    Word Originlate 18th cent.: French, literally ‘kitchen’, from Latin coquina, from coquere ‘to cook’. Wordfinderà la carte, course, cuisine, menu, order, reservation, restaurant, service charge, speciality, waiterExtra examples The hotel has a large dining room serving superb local cuisine. We sampled the local cuisine. authentic Thai cuisine London offers a wide variety of foreign cuisines. You must sample the local cuisine.
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