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cut out

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
if a motor or an engine cuts out, it suddenly stops working related noun cut-out

cut somebodyout (of something)

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to not allow somebody to be involved in something Don't cut your parents out of your lives. Furious, his mother cut him out of her will (= refused to let him receive any of her property after she died).
  1. 1  to make something by cutting She cut the dress out of some old material. (figurative) He's cut out a niche for himself (= found a suitable job) in journalism. related noun cut-out
  2. 2  to leave something out of a piece of writing, etc. synonym omit I would cut out the bit about working as a waitress.
  3. 3(informal) used to tell somebody to stop doing or saying something annoying I'm sick of you two arguing—just cut it out!
  4. 4to block something, especially light Tall trees cut out the sunlight.

    cut somethingout (of something)

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  1. 1  to remove something from something larger by cutting, usually with scissors I cut this article out of the newspaper.
  2. 2to stop doing, using or eating something I've been advised to cut sugar out of my diet.