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BrE BrE//dɪˈlaɪtfl//
; NAmE NAmE//dɪˈlaɪtfl//
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very pleasant synonym charming a delightful book/restaurant/town a delightful child It was a delightful little fishing village. Synonymswonderfullovely delightfulThese words all describe an experience, feeling or sight that gives you great pleasure.wonderful that you enjoy very much; that gives you great pleasure; extremely good:We had a wonderful time last night. The weather was absolutely wonderful.lovely (rather informal, especially British English) that you enjoy very much; that gives you great pleasure; very attractive:What a lovely day! (= the weather is very good) It’s been lovely having you here.delightful that gives you great pleasure; very attractive:a delightful little fishing villagewonderful, lovely or delightful? All these words can describe times, events, places, sights, feelings and the weather. Wonderful can also describe a chance or ability. Lovely is the most frequent in spoken British English, but in North American English wonderful is the most frequent, both spoken and written. Delightful is used especially to talk about times, events and places.Patterns wonderful/​lovely/​delightful weather/​views/​scenery It’s wonderful/​lovely to be/​feel/​find/​have/​know/​see… It would be wonderful/​lovely/​delightful if… It’s wonderful/​lovely that… That sounds wonderful/​lovely/​delightful. really/​quite/​absolutely wonderful/​lovely/​delightful
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