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    BrE BrE//ˈdaɪət//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈdaɪət//
    Healthy eating habits, Diet, Hunger
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  1. 1  [countable, uncountable] the food that you eat and drink regularly to have a healthy, balanced diet the Japanese diet of rice, vegetables and fish to receive advice on diet Wordfinderbinge, calorie, diet, digest, eat, fattening, food, meal, restaurant, taste See related entries: Healthy eating habits, Diet
  2. 2   [countable] a limited variety or amount of food that you eat for medical reasons or because you want to lose weight; a time when you only eat this limited variety or amount a low-fat, salt-free diet diet drinks (= with fewer calories than normal) I decided to go on a diet (= to lose weight) before my holiday. CollocationsDiet and exerciseWeight put on/​gain/​lose weight/​a few kilos/​a few pounds watch/​control/​struggle with your weight be/​become seriously overweight/​underweight be/​become clinically/​morbidly obese achieve/​facilitate/​promote/​stimulate weight loss slim down to 70 kilos/(British English) 11 stone/(especially North American English) 160 pounds combat/​prevent/​tackle/​treat obesity develop/​have/​suffer from/​struggle with/​recover from anorexia/​bulimia/​an eating disorder be on/​go on/​follow a crash/​strict diet have/​suffer from a negative/​poor body image have/​develop a positive/​healthy body imageHealthy eating eat a balanced diet/​healthily/​sensibly get/​provide/​receive adequate/​proper nutrition contain/​get/​provide essential nutrients/​vitamins/​minerals be high/​low in calories/​fat/​fibre/(especially US English) fiber/​protein/​vitamin D/​Omega-3 fatty acids contain (no)/use/​be full of/​be free from additives/​chemical preservatives/​artificial sweeteners avoid/​cut down on/​cut out alcohol/​caffeine/​fatty foods stop/​give up/ (especially North American English) quit smokingExercise (British English) take regular exercise do moderate/​strenuous/​vigorous exercise play football/​hockey/​tennis go cycling/​jogging/​running go to/​visit/ (especially North American English) hit/​work out at the gym strengthen/​tone/​train your stomach muscles contract/​relax/​stretch/​use/​work your lower-body muscles build (up)/gain muscle improve/​increase your stamina/​energy levels/​physical fitness burn/​consume/​expend caloriesStaying healthy be/​get/​keep/​stay healthy/​in shape/(especially British English) fit lower your cholesterol/​blood pressure boost/​stimulate/​strengthen your immune system prevent/​reduce the risk of heart disease/​high blood pressure/​diabetes/​osteoporosis reduce/​relieve/​manage/​combat stress enhance/​promote relaxation/​physical and mental well-being Wordfinderdiet, exercise, fit, gym, health spa, nutrition, personal trainer, sport, stamina, workout See related entries: Healthy eating habits, Diet, Hunger
  3. 3[singular] a diet of something (disapproving) a large amount of a restricted range of activities Children today are brought up on a diet of television cartoons and soap operas.
  4. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French diete (noun), dieter (verb), via Latin from Greek diaita ‘a way of life’.Extra examples Crash diets are not the best way to lose weight. I have to stick to a low-fat diet. I’d love a dessert, but I’m on a diet. If you follow this diet, you’re bound to lose weight. It is important to eat a balanced diet. Lose pounds with our new diet plan! People can fight infection more easily if they have an adequate diet. She was told to change her diet and quit smoking. The animal’s diet consists mainly of grasses. These animals live on a mainly vegetarian diet. They had to survive on a diet of insects and berries. They were fed on a diet of rice and vegetables. They’re on a special high-protein diet. a diet rich in vitamins and minerals a staple diet of cornmeal and vegetables the amount of fat in your diet For general advice on diet, see pages 26–27. I decided to go on a diet. I loved the Japanese diet of rice, vegetables and fish. Magazines are always full of fashionable new diets. The doctor recommended a low-fat, salt-free diet.
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