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    BrE BrE//ˈpləʊməsi//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈploʊməsi//
    [uncountable] International relations
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  1. 1the activity of managing relations between different countries; the skill in doing this international diplomacy Diplomacy is better than war. CollocationsInternational relationsTrade facilitate/​regulate trade (with other countries) form/​join a trading bloc live in/​compete in a global/​the world economy support/​promote free trade adopt/​call for/​oppose protectionist measures erect/​impose/​reduce/​remove trade barriers impose/​lift/​raise/​eliminate import tariffs (on something) have/​run a huge/​large/​growing trade surplus/​deficit embrace/​resist/​drive globalizationPolitics and law conduct/​handle/​talk about/​discuss foreign policy pursue an aggressive/​a hawkish foreign policy require/​use/​conduct diplomacy establish/​break off/​sever/​restore diplomatic relations foster/​promote/​strengthen regional cooperation facilitate/​achieve economic/​political integration exercise/​defend/​protect/​transfer/​restore/​regain national/​state/​full/​limited sovereignty consolidate/​extend/​lose/​retain your power (in the region) hold/​maintain/​change/​alter/​shift/​be a shift in the balance of power (in the region) cause/​create/​open/​expose/​heal/​repair a deep/​growing/​major/​serious rift between X and YMeetings and agreements have/​hold/​host/​attend an international conference/​an economic forum/​a G20 summit launch a new round of global/​multilateral/​world trade negotiations send/​head/​lead/​meet a high-level/​an official/​a trade delegation begin/​start/​continue/​resume peace talks be committed to/​be opposed to/​disrupt/​undermine/​derail/​sabotage the peace process negotiate/​achieve a lasting political settlement broker/​sign a peace deal/​agreement/​treatyConflict be/​constitute/​pose a threat to global security compromise/​endanger/​protect national security justify/​be in favour of/ (especially US English) be in favor of/​be against military intervention threaten/​authorize/​launch/​take/​support/​oppose unilateral/​pre-emptive military action impose/​enforce/​lift/​end economic sanctions/​an arms embargo/​a naval blockade close/​protect/​secure/​patrol the border lead/​be involved in a peacekeeping operationAid negotiate/​announce a $15 billion aid package/​an economic stimulus package send/​provide/​request/​cut off military aid bring/​provide emergency/​humanitarian relief deliver/​distribute medical supplies/(British English) food parcels fund/​run a foreign/​a local/​an international NGO reduce/​eradicate child/​global/​world poverty See related entries: International relations
  2. 2skill in dealing with people in difficult situations without upsetting or offending them synonym tact She was praised for her tact and diplomacy.
  3. see also shuttle diplomacy
    Word Originlate 18th cent.: from French diplomatie, from diplomatique ‘diplomatic’, on the pattern of aristocratie ‘aristocracy’.Extra examples Churchill’s highly personal diplomacy in seeking a meeting with the Russians Cultural diplomacy between the two countries was an integral part of this development. Effective trade diplomacy is vital. He also wants more aggressive unilateral diplomacy. His skilful/​skillful diplomacy has secured new European allies. I thought you showed great diplomacy in dealing with him. It will take deft diplomacy to sustain the fragile momentum. Kerry’s willingness to try diplomacy holds out at least a hope of making progress. Sanctions and coercive diplomacy have failed. She handled the awkward situation with her usual quiet diplomacy. She urged the leaders to pursue diplomacy. The raid followed years of failed diplomacy. The time for checkbook diplomacy is over. The understanding between the two countries came about through quiet diplomacy. The way forward in this situation is by diplomacy and negotiation. There’s a familiar rule that diplomacy works best when backed by the threat of force. This was no way to conduct diplomacy. Trying to get the divorced couple to agree calls for a great deal of diplomacy. We must try and resolve this situation through diplomacy rather than conflict. We need someone who has tact and diplomacy. We prefer to use diplomacy rather than force to get people to move. We will continue to seek solutions to the problems of this region through multilateral diplomacy. What they could not take by political intrigue they took by ‘gunboat diplomacy’. What they could not take by political intrigue they took by gunboat diplomacy= threatening military action. a crisis lying outside the scope of traditional diplomacy a round of shuttle diplomacy between Washington and Brussels if diplomacy fails and combat is necessary preferring to use diplomacy rather than force the challenge to improve public diplomacy and define the country’s message to the world
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