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BrE BrE//ˌdɪsbɪˈliːf//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌdɪsbɪˈliːf//
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the feeling of not being able to believe something He stared at me in disbelief. To enjoy the movie you have to suspend your disbelief (= pretend to believe something, even if it seems very unlikely). compare belief (3), unbeliefExtra examples He raised his eyebrows in mock disbelief. Hilary shook her head in disbelief at the news. I could see the disbelief in her eyes. I felt disbelief first of all, then outrage. If you don’t mind suspending your disbelief, you should enjoy this movie. My mouth dropped open in disbelief. My stories were greeted with disbelief. She could sense his disbelief. The film version requires greater suspension of disbelief than the book. The president publicly expressed his disbelief at what had happened. To my horrified disbelief, the animal was running in my direction. We could only watch in disbelief as the car rolled into the water. with looks of utter disbelief on their faces Disbelief in God was her way of rebelling against her strict religious upbringing. He stared at me in disbelief. She stood there, a look of horrified disbelief on her face. To enjoy the movie you have to suspend your disbelief.
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