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    BrE BrE//dɪˈskʌʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//dɪˈskʌʃn//
    [uncountable, countable]
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  1. 1  the process of discussing somebody/something; a conversation about somebody/something a topic/subject for discussion After considerable discussion, they decided to accept our offer. The plans have been under discussion (= being talked about) for a year now. Discussions are still taking place between the two leaders. discussion (with somebody) (about/on somebody/something) We had a discussion with them about the differences between Britain and the US. A lively discussion followed about whether he should be allowed to join the club. Synonymsdiscussionconversation dialogue talk debate consultation chat gossipThese are all words for an occasion when people talk about something.discussion a detailed conversation about something that is considered to be important:Discussions are still taking place between the two leaders.conversation a talk, usually a private or informal one, involving two people or a small group; the activity of talking in this way:a telephone conversationdialogue conversations in a book, play or film:The novel has long descriptions and not much dialogue. A dialogue is also a formal discussion between two groups, especially when they are trying to solve a problem or end a dispute:The President told waiting reporters there had been a constructive dialogue.talk a conversation or discussion, often one about a problem or something important for the people involved:I had a long talk with my boss about my career prospects.debate a formal discussion of an issue at a public meeting or in a parliament. In a debate two or more speakers express opposing views and then there is often a vote on the issue:a debate on prison reformconsultation a formal discussion between groups of people before a decision is made about something:There have been extensive consultations between the two countries.chat a friendly informal conversation; informal talking. The countable use of chat is especially British English:I just called in for a chat about the kids.gossip a conversation about other people and their private lives:We had a good gossip about the boss.Patterns a discussion/​conversation/​dialogue/​talk/​debate/​consultation/​chat/​gossip about something a discussion/​conversation/​dialogue/​debate/​consultation on something in (close) discussion/​conversation/​dialogue/​debate/​consultation with somebody to have a discussion/​conversation/​dialogue/​talk/​debate/​consultation/​chat/​gossip with somebody to hold a discussion/​conversation/​debate/​consultation
  2. 2  discussion (of something) a speech or a piece of writing that discusses many different aspects of a subject Her article is a discussion of the methods used in research.
  3. Word OriginMiddle English (denoting judicial examination): via Old French from late Latin discussio(n-), from discutere ‘investigate’, from dis- ‘apart’ + quatere ‘shake’.Extra examples Adam raised the issue of multimedia applications and much useful discussion ensued. After the lecture there will be an opportunity for informal discussion. An intense discussion broke out about the importance of intuition. Discussion centred on the contribution different groups would make to the project. Discussion continues as to the relative merits of the different plans. Discussion should be followed up by a written report. Discussions have taken place between the two leaders. During our discussions we raised many issues that need deeper consideration. I unsubscribed from every email discussion list I was on. I wish to confine the discussion to income taxation. Let us sum up the discussion so far. Plans for a new bypass are still under discussion. The company had been in discussion with companies in Austria, Italy and Greece. The company had been in discussion with companies in Brazil. The discussion was led by the director of marketing. The government has broken off discussions with the unions. The group provides a forum for the discussion of ideas. The incident has provoked much discussion and debate. The issue should come up for discussion at the climate change conference. The outcome of the discussions is a decision to proceed with Phase 2 of the programme. The plan was agreed without further discussion. The topic must be opened up for general discussion. The two governments are to hold discussions on the border issue. These latest findings have generated a lot of discussion of the moral issues involved. They had a detailed discussion of the issues. They refused to take part in the discussions. We are hoping to enter into discussions with leaders of the prison service. We are hoping to enter into discussions with union leaders. We can use the draft document as a basis for discussion. We decided to end the discussion before it got out of hand. We had a long discussion about the plans for next year. We need to open up a discussion on the basic aspects of the theory. We’ll continue this discussion some other time. Who is going to start the discussion? Women were asked to take part in small group discussions. a discussion about reform of the health service a discussion among parents, teachers, and students a heated discussion about politics a series of bilateral discussions between Israel and neighbouring states a series of bilateral discussions with North Korea a wide-ranging discussion on women’s rights an important forum for discussion about the arts discussions between management and union officials discussions between the company and the unions discussions with the government online discussion forums the subject for discussion ways of setting up discussions between children to explore each other’s viewpoints The plans have been under discussion for a year now. There will be further discussion of these issues in the next chapter. We will choose a different topic for discussion each week.
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