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    BrE BrE//dɪsk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//dɪsk//
    Computer hardware
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  1. 1  (especially North American English) = disc Red blood cells are roughly the shape of a disk.
  2. 2   (also magnetic disk) (computing) a device for storing information on a computer, with a magnetic surface that records information received in electronic form see also hard disk See related entries: Computer hardware
  3. Extra examples Do you have the file on disk? Each disk holds 4.7 GB. Each disk holds 700 MB. I’ll copy the disk into a file. I’m running out of disk space on my computer. If you wipe that old disk, we can use it again. Insert the disk into the drive slot. It is safest to save your design onto disk. Save the document to disk before closing it. The computer reads the disk. The disk contains the program you’ll need. The information can be saved on a disk. The information required can then be retrieved from disk. The master disk can be duplicated as many times as required. The program automatically saves to disk every 15 minutes. The program is set up so that you automatically save to disk every 15 minutes. The records will be stored on the computer’s hard disk. You simply download the pages to disk.
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