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    BrE BrE//drɔː//
    ; NAmE NAmE//drɔː//
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  1. 1(also US English drawing) [usually singular] draw (for something) the act of choosing something, for example the winner of a prize or the teams who play each other in a competition, usually by taking pieces of paper, etc. out of a container without being able to see what is written on them the draw for the second round of the Champions League The draw for the raffle takes place on Saturday. I’m now going to call on the President to make the draw.
  2. sports/games
  3. 2(especially British English) a game in which both teams or players finish with the same number of points The match ended in a two-all draw. He managed to hold Smith to a draw (= to stop him from winning when he seemed likely to do so). compare tie See related entries: Soccer
  4. 3(usually North American English drawing) a competition in which the winners are chosen in a draw a prize draw compare lottery
  5. 4(British English) a sports match for which the teams or players are chosen in a draw Liverpool have an away draw against Manchester United. See related entries: Soccer
  6. 5[usually singular] a set of matches for which the teams or players are chosen in a draw There are only two seeded players left in the top half of the draw. See related entries: Soccer
  7. attraction
  8. 6a person, a thing or an event that attracts a lot of people synonym attraction She is currently one of the biggest draws on the Irish music scene.
  9. smoke
  10. 7an act of breathing in the smoke from a cigarette synonym drag She took one last draw from the cigarette.
  11. Word OriginOld English dragan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dragen and German tragen, also to draught.Extra examples San Marino held them to a goalless draw. The game ended in a two-all draw. their 1–1 draw with United He managed to hold Smith to a draw. He played well in the team’s 2–2 draw with Southampton. It was a disappointing one–all draw against France. They could only manage a goalless draw at Upton Park.Idioms
      be quick/fast on the draw
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    1. 1(informal) to be quick to understand or react in a new situation You can't fool him—he's always quick on the draw.
    2. 2to be quick at pulling out a gun in order to shoot it
    the fact that chance decides something, in a way that you cannot control To a large extent the life you have depends on who your parents were; it’s just the luck of the biological draw.
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