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    BrE BrE//drəʊn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//droʊn//
    Aircraft, Lazy
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  1. 1[usually singular] a continuous low noise the distant drone of traffic the continuous drone of the engine
  2. 2[usually singular] a continuous low sound made by some musical instruments, for example the bagpipes, over which other notes are played or sung; the part of the instrument that makes this noise
  3. 3 a male bee that does not work compare queen bee, worker
  4. 4a person who is lazy and gives nothing to society while others work The medieval lord of the manor was what some today would call a drone. See related entries: Lazy
  5. 5 an aircraft without a pilot, controlled from the ground Wordfinderaircraft, bomber, drone, fighter, helicopter, jet, jump jet, parachute, pilot, warplane See related entries: Aircraft
  6. Word OriginOld English drān, drǣn ‘male bee’, from a West Germanic verb meaning ‘resound, boom’; related to Dutch dreunen ‘to drone’, German dröhnen ‘to roar’, and Swedish dröna ‘to drowse’.
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