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BrE BrE//ˌdiː viː ˈdiː//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌdiː viː ˈdiː//
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the abbreviation for digital versatile disc or digital videodisc (a disk on which large amounts of information, especially photographs and video, can be stored, for use on a computer or DVD player) a DVD drive Is it available on DVD yet? CollocationsCinema/​the moviesWatching go to/​take somebody to (see) a film/​movie go to/​sit in (British English) the cinema/(North American English) the (movie) theater rent a film/​movie/​DVD download/​stream a film/​movie burn/​copy/​rip a DVD see/​watch a film/​movie/​DVD/​preview/​trailerShowing show/​screen a film/​movie promote/​distribute/​review a film/​movie (British English) be on at the cinema be released on/​come out on/​be out on DVD captivate/​delight/​grip/​thrill the audience do well/​badly at the box office get a lot of/​live up to the hypeFilm-making write/​co-write a film/​movie/​script/​screenplay direct/​produce/​make/​shoot/​edit a film/​movie/​sequel make a romantic comedy/​a thriller/​an action movie do/​work on a sequel/​remake film/​shoot the opening scene/​an action sequence/​footage (of something) compose/​create/​do/​write the soundtrack cut/​edit (out) a scene/​sequenceActing have/​get/​do an audition get/​have/​play a leading/​starring/​supporting role play a character/​James Bond/​the bad guy act in/​appear in/​star in a film/​movie/​remake do/​perform/​attempt a stunt work in/​make it big in Hollywood forge/​carve/​make/​pursue a career in HollywoodDescribing films the camera pulls back/​pans over something/​zooms in (on something) the camera focuses on something/​lingers on something shoot somebody/​show somebody in extreme close-up use odd/​unusual camera angles be filmed/​shot on location/​in a studio be set/​take place in London/​in the ’60s have a happy ending/​plot twist See related entries: Showing filmsExtra examples Consumers are demanding high-quality DVD playback. I haven’t seen the first DVD so I can’t compare them. Pop this DVD in and sit back and relax. The first edition of the album comes with a bonus DVD. The movie is available in DVD format. a multi-region DVD player the DVD drive in my PC Let’s just stay in and watch a DVD.
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