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    BrE BrE//daɪˈnæmɪk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//daɪˈnæmɪk//
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  1. 1(approving) (of a person) having a lot of energy and a strong personality a dynamic leader See related entries: Energetic
  2. 2(of a process) always changing and making progress opposite static
  3. 3 (physics) (of a force or power) producing movement opposite static
  4. 4 (linguistics) (of verbs) describing an action rather than a state. Dynamic verbs (for example eat, grow, knock, die) can be used in the progressive tenses. compare stative
  5. Word Originearly 19th cent. (as a term in physics): from French dynamique, from Greek dunamikos, from dunamis ‘power’.Extra examples The business has managed to change and remain dynamic. The process is essentially dynamic with ideas and feedback flowing both ways. These countries are characterized by highly dynamic economies. He was a dynamic young advertising executive. She has a dynamic personality. They want to promote a dynamic economy with a high level of employment.
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