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    BrE BrE//ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt//
    Conservation, Computer programming
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  1. 1  [countable, uncountable] the conditions that affect the behaviour and development of somebody/something; the physical conditions that somebody/something exists in a pleasant working/learning environment An unhappy home environment can affect a child's behaviour. They have created an environment in which productivity should flourish. the political environment tests carried out in a controlled environment Synonymsenvironmentsetting surroundings backgroundThese are all words for the type of place in which somebody/​something exists or is situated.environment the conditions in a place that affect the behaviour and development of somebody/​something:An unhappy home environment can affect children’s behaviour. a pleasant working environmentsetting a place or situation of a particular type, in which something happens or exists:The island provided an idyllic setting for the concert.surroundings everything that is around or near somebody/​something:The huts blend in perfectly with their surroundings.background the things or area behind or around the main objects or people that are in a place or picture:The mountains in the background were capped with snow.Patterns in (a/​an) environment/​setting/​surroundings (a/​an) new/​unfamiliar environment/​setting/​surroundings somebody/​something’s immediate environment/​surroundings (a) dramatic setting/​background
  2. 2  the environment [singular] the natural world in which people, animals and plants live the Department of the Environment measures to protect the environment pollution of the environment damage to the environment CollocationsThe environmentEnvironmental damage cause/​contribute to climate change/​global warming produce pollution/​CO2/greenhouse (gas) emissions damage/​destroy the environment/​a marine ecosystem/​the ozone layer/​coral reefs degrade ecosystems/​habitats/​the environment harm the environment/​wildlife/​marine life threaten natural habitats/​coastal ecosystems/​a species with extinction deplete natural resources/​the ozone layer pollute rivers and lakes/​waterways/​the air/​the atmosphere/​the environment/​oceans contaminate groundwater/​the soil/​food/​crops log forests/​rainforests/​treesProtecting the environment address/​combat/​tackle the threat/​effects/​impact of climate change fight/​take action on/​reduce/​stop global warming limit/​curb/​control air/​water/​atmospheric/​environmental pollution cut/​reduce pollution/​greenhouse gas emissions offset carbon/​CO2 emissions reduce (the size of) your carbon footprint achieve/​promote sustainable development preserve/​conserve biodiversity/​natural resources protect endangered species/​a coastal ecosystem prevent/​stop soil erosion/​overfishing/​massive deforestation/​damage to ecosystems raise awareness of environmental issues save the planet/​the rainforests/​an endangered speciesEnergy and resources conserve/​save/​consume/​waste energy manage/​exploit/​be rich in natural resources dump/​dispose of hazardous/​toxic/​nuclear waste dispose of/​throw away litter/(especially British English) rubbish/(especially North American English) garbage/(North American English) trash/​sewage use/​be made from recycled/​recyclable/​biodegradable material recycle bottles/​packaging/​paper/​plastic/​waste promote/​encourage recycling/​sustainable development/​the use of renewable energy develop/​invest in/​promote renewable energy reduce your dependence/​reliance on fossil fuels get/​obtain/​generate/​produce electricity from wind, solar and wave power/​renewable sources build/​develop a (50-megawatt/​offshore) wind farm install/​be fitted with/​be powered by solar panels Wordfinderbiodiversity, conservation, endanger, the environment, extinct, green, managed, species, sustainable, toxic See related entries: Conservation
  3. 3 [countable] (computing) the complete structure within which a user, computer or program operates a desktop development environment See related entries: Computer programming
  4. Extra examples A comfortable working environment will increase productivity. Children learn best in their home environment. Cold-blooded animals depend on the temperature of their immediate environment. In today’s competitive business environment, companies focus on minimizing costs. Investors are showing more caution in the current economic environment. She now had to transfer her design skills to a commercial environment. The cat walked around, exploring its new environment. The government should do more to protect the environment. The hospital architect tries to create an environment conducive to healing. The label identifies the products that are least harmful to the environment. This period provided a favourable environment for the spread of communism. Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment in which the birds live. an environment for economic growth an environment of fear creatures that have adapted to hostile desert environments factors that have a huge impact on the environment farming methods that minimize damage to the environment industries which damage the environment marine life in its natural environment parents who strive to provide a stimulating environment for their children to grow up in people working in increasingly competitive environments the amount of carbon in the environment the quality of our natural and built environments An unhappy home environment can affect children’s behaviour. For many, school seemed to be a hostile environment. It didn’t take long for them to adapt to the new environment. Pets may be unsettled in an unfamiliar environment. The quality of the learning environment is vital to children’s education. The tests were carried out in a controlled environment. They’ve created an environment in which productivity can flourish. We aim to provide a pleasant working environment.
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