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    BrE BrE//ɪˈsteɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪˈsteɪt//
    House location
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  1. 1  [countable] a large area of land, usually in the country, that is owned by one person or family a 3 000-acre estate She receives rent from all the people whose cottages are on estate land.
  2. 2  [countable] (British English) an area of land with a lot of houses or factories of the same type on it She lives in a tower block on an estate in London. see also council estate, housing estate, industrial estate, trading estate See related entries: House location
  3. 3(law) [countable, uncountable] all the money and property that a person owns, especially everything that is left when they die Her estate was left to her daughter. He left estate valued at a million dollars.
  4. 4[countable] (British English) = estate car
  5. Word OriginMiddle English (in the sense ‘state or condition’): from Old French estat, from Latin status ‘state, condition’, from stare ‘to stand’.Extra examples Gilbert was heir to an extensive landed estate. He owned a palatial estate in California. He owns personal estate worth $30 million. It took seven years to settle the estate. Queen Victoria bought the estate in 1848. She inherited her father’s estate. She left her whole estate to her niece. She lives on a council estate in Leeds. The bulk of his estate was bequeathed to his son Jacob. The factory is on a large industrial estate on the outskirts of town. The family owns a large estate in the north of the country. The young prince is the heir to a vast estate in the west of the country. an estate of 20 000 acres assets from your taxable estate the family estate at Kostroma the family mansion and sprawling country estate the number of people living on the estate to transfer estate taxes to the next generation youngsters living on deprived housing estates Next to the factory they built a housing estate specially for their employees. The house is set on a 200-acre estate near the Black Mountains. There are around six million people living on council estates in Britain. We’re planning to move the business to an industrial estate on the outskirts of the town.
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