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    BrE BrE//ɪˈvent//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪˈvent//
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  1. 1  a thing that happens, especially something important The election was the main event of 2008. In the light of later events the decision was proved right. The decisions we take now may influence the course of events (= the way things happen) in the future. He found that the report he had written had been overtaken by events(= it was no longer relevant). Everyone was frightened by the strange sequence of events. The police have reconstructed the chain of events leading to the murder. In the normal course of events (= if things had happened as expected) she would have gone with him. an unfortunate series of events
  2. 2  a planned public or social occasion a fund-raising event the social event of the year
  3. 3one of the races or competitions in a sports programme The 800 metres is the fourth event of the afternoon. see also field event, track event
  4. Word Originlate 16th cent.: from Latin eventus, from evenire ‘result, happen’, from e- (variant of ex-) ‘out of’ + venire ‘come’.Extra examples African runners swept the medals in the distance events. Carter related the events of the past hour to him. Forthcoming events are listed on the back page of the local newspaper. Forty such events are scheduled this year. I think the economy will recover in any event. I would like to thank everyone who attended our charity evening for supporting the event. In the event though, the dinner was a very entertaining affair. In the unlikely event of a crash, please remain calm. Local winners compete in a national event in September. Outside big cities, murder is a rare event. Several leading players boycotted the event in protest at the reduced prize money. She tried to recall the events of the previous night. Subsequent events proved him wrong. TV viewers watched in horror as events unfolded. The Association hosted a special three-day sailing event. The Birmingham meeting is one of the most prestigious events in the racing calendar. The event will be held in the grounds of the house. The police are trying to establish a picture of events leading up to the killing. The team events will take place later this week. Their 1981 production was a landmark event. These events quickly led to confusion. They host frequent charity events in their home. They sponsored various community events. This race will be the main event of the afternoon. Today is the hospital’s fiftieth anniversary, and there will be a party to mark the event. Tonight’s programme looks back at the main events of the year. We had a huge party, and hired a photographer to record the event. We hosted a charitable event for a local organization. When the ship finally reached land, only a few of the crew were left to witness the event. Would it have been possible to change the course of events? a black-tie event at the Waldorf Astoria a new international art event a special opening-night gala event in-depth articles related to current events our inability to forecast future events recent events in Saudi Arabia Details of meetings and social events are sent out to all club members. Everyone was frightened by the strange sequence of events. He will represent Scotland in the team event. I’m taking part in a Pro Celebrity tennis event this week. In the light of later events the decision was proved to be right. In the normal course of events she would have gone with him. Is the city ready to stage such a major sporting event? It was a season in which he won four USPGA Tour events. She had spent a lot money and effort on an event that turned out to be a disaster. The decisions we take now may influence the course of events in the future. The election was the main event of 2005. The hospital is planning a major fund-raising event for June. The raft race was one of the final events of the River Festival. We’re expecting to get medals in both track and field events.Idioms (British English) after something has happened Anyone can be wise after the event.
    be wise after the event
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    (often disapproving) to understand something, or realize what you should have done, only after something has happened
    the birth of a baby
    in any event, at all events
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    used to emphasize or show that something is true or will happen in spite of other circumstances synonym in any case I think she'll agree to do it but in any event, all she can say is ‘no’.
    when the situation actually happened I got very nervous about the exam, but in the event, I needn't have worried; it was really easy.
    in the event of something, in the event that something happens
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     if something happens In the event of an accident, call this number. Sheila will inherit everything in the event of his death.
    if that happens In that event, we will have to reconsider our offer.
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