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    BrE BrE//ɪɡˈzekjətɪv//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪɡˈzekjətɪv//
    Parliament, Political views and systems, Running a business, Business people, Job titles
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  1. 1   [countable] a person who has an important job as a manager of a company or an organization advertising/business/sales, etc. executives a chief/senior/top executive in a computer firm Wordfinderaccountant, agent, auditor, businessman, CEO, chairman, consultant, entrepreneur, executive, manager See related entries: Running a business, Business people, Job titles
  2. 2[countable + singular or plural verb] a group of people who run a company or an organization The union’s executive has/have yet to reach a decision. See related entries: Running a business, Business people
  3. 3the executive [singular + singular or plural verb] the part of a government responsible for putting laws into effect compare judiciary, legislature See related entries: Parliament, Political views and systems
  4. Word Originlate Middle English: from medieval Latin executivus, from exsequi, from ex- ‘out’ + sequi ‘follow’.Extra examples Conservatives are by tradition believers in a strong executive. One TV network executive has already called for more deregulation. Parliament’s ability to control the executive She is a member of the party’s national executive. The contract gives a female executive maternity leave rights. a top executive in a large corporation contracts to prevent the loss of key executives oil company executives one of the most successful TV executives around the council’s executive member for education He’s a senior executive in a computer firm. She was on the executive of the Women’s Social and Political Union. Some members of the executive board are thought to be against the merger. The union’s executive has yet to make a decision. There are still too few women in top executive positions. They offer English courses to business executives. the executive board/​committee
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