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    BrE BrE//ˈeksɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈeksɪt//
    ; BrE BrE//ˈeɡzɪt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈeɡzɪt//
    Elements of a play, Types of road
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  1. 1  a way out of a public building or vehicle Where's the exit? There is a fire exit on each floor of the building. The emergency exit is at the back of the bus. compare entrance1
  2. 2  an act of leaving, especially of an actor from the stage The heroine made her exit to great applause. He made a quick exit to avoid meeting her. an exit visa (= a stamp in a passport giving somebody permission to leave a particular country) an exit wound (= where a bullet that has entered somebody’s body comes out again) Wordfinderact, cast, drama, entrance, exit, line, play, role, scene, speech See related entries: Elements of a play
  3. 3  a place where vehicles can leave a road to join another road Leave the roundabout at the second exit. Take the exit for Brno. See related entries: Types of road
  4. Word Originmid 16th cent. (as a stage direction): from Latin exit ‘he or she goes out’, third person singular present tense of exire, from ex- ‘out’ + ire ‘go’. The noun (late 16th cent.) is from Latin exitus ‘going out’, from the verb exire, and the other verb uses (early 17th cent.) derive from it.Extra examples Carole’s abrupt exit from their lives Do not leave bags lying around which could block the emergency exits. Exit polls showed that more than 70% of voters opposed the proposal. He left through the south exit. He was searching for an exit strategy. I pulled off the road at the next exit. I remember that there’s a secret exit here. I walked through the school’s main exit. She headed for the nearest exit. She turned on her heel and made what she hoped was a dignified exit. She was trying to make a graceful exit from public life. Take the first exit over the bridge. The driver took the exit for LaGuardia. The students made a dramatic exit toward the end of his speech. The team is likely to make a quick play-off exit. Then we made our grand exit. They moved to the exits. They moved towards/​toward the exits. They took the exit to the hospital. Traffic lights control the exit from the M8 at Newbridge. We go back and look at our exit interviews as to why people leave. You have to pass the exit exam in order to graduate. You need to get off at the next exit. a mass exit of members from the party an exit to the street emergency doors providing for easy exit in the event of a fire her early exit from the tournament, in only the second round the exit from the hall the number of entry and exit points on the main road network He made a quick exit to avoid talking to her. Her sudden exit from the proceedings was a mystery. I made my exit as discreetly as possible. She made her exit to massive applause from the audience. Take the exit for Trento. The dancers made their exits and entrances with perfect timing. They were disappointed by the team’s early exit from the Cup. Where’s the exit? an exit visa
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