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    BrE BrE//ɪkˈstenʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪkˈstenʃn//
    Communication devices, Parts of a house, Exams and degrees, Construction
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    increasing influence
  1. 1  [uncountable, countable] extension (of something) the act of increasing the area of activity, group of people, etc. that is affected by something the extension of new technology into developing countries a gradual extension of the powers of central government The bank plans various extensions to its credit facilities. My home life was becoming no more than an extension of my job.
  2. of building
  3. 2  [countable] extension (to something) (North American English also addition) a new room or rooms that are added to a house CollocationsDecorating and home improvementHouses refurbish/​renovate/ (British English) do up a building/​a house convert a building/​house/​room into homes/​offices/(especially North American English) apartments/(British English) flats extend/​enlarge a house/​building/​room/​kitchen build (British English) an extension (to the back/​rear of a house)/(North American English) an addition (on/​to something)/(British English) a conservatory knock down/​demolish a house/​home/​building/​wall knock out/​through the wall separating two roomsDecoration furnish/​paint/ (especially British English) decorate a home/​house/​apartment/​flat/​room be decorated in bright colours/(especially US English) colors/​in a traditional style/​with flowers/​with paintings paint/​plaster the walls/​ceiling hang/​put up/​strip off/​remove the wallpaper install/​replace/​remove the bathroom fixtures/(British English) fittings build/​put up shelves lay wooden flooring/​timber decking/​floor tiles/​a carpet/​a patio put up/​hang/​take down a picture/​painting/​poster/​curtainDIY/​home improvement do (British English) DIY/​carpentry/​the plumbing/​the wiring make home improvements add/​install central heating/​underfloor heating/​insulation fit/​install double-glazing/​a smoke alarm insulate your house/​your home/​the walls/​the pipes/​the tanks/(especially British English) the loft fix/​repair a roof/​a leak/​a pipe/​the plumbing/​a leaking (especially British English) tap/(usually North American English) faucet block/​clog (up)/unblock/​unclog a pipe/​sink make/​drill/​fill a hole hammer (in)/pull out/​remove a nail tighten/​untighten/​loosen/​remove a screw saw/​cut/​treat/​stain/​varnish/​paint wood See related entries: Parts of a house, Construction
  4. 3  [countable] a new part that is added to a building a planned two-storey extension to the hospital
  5. extra time
  6. 4  [countable] extension (of something) an extra period of time allowed for something He's been granted an extension of the contract for another year. a visa extension (British English) The pub had an extension (= was allowed to stay open longer) on Christmas Eve. She was given an extension to finish writing her thesis.
  7. telephone
  8. 5  [countable] (abbreviation ext.) an extra telephone line connected to a central telephone in a house or to a switchboard in a large building. In a large building, each extension usually has its own number We have an extension in the bedroom. What's your extension number? Can I have extension 4332 please? See related entries: Communication devices
  9. making something longer/larger
  10. 6[uncountable, countable] the act of making something longer or larger; the thing that is made longer and larger The extension of the subway will take several months. extensions to the original railway track hair extensions (= pieces of artificial hair that are added to your hair to make it longer)
  11. college/university
  12. 7[countable] a part of a college or university that offers courses to students who are not studying full-time; a programme of study for these students La Salle Extension University extension courses See related entries: Exams and degrees
  13. computing
  14. 8[countable] the set of three letters that are placed after a dot at the end of the name of a file and that show what type of file it is The extension .doc indicates a word-processing file.
  15. electrical
  16. 9[countable] (British English) = extension lead
  17. Word Originlate Middle English: from late Latin extensio(n-), from extendere ‘stretch out’, from ex- ‘out’ + tendere ‘stretch’.Extra examples Hair extensions make your hair look longer. He’s applied for an extension of his visa. I’ll give you my extension number, so you can phone me directly. She got an extension for writing her essay. The company sees brand extensions as a means of tempting back customers. The player has signed a five-year contract extension. The team appraisal is a logical extension of the individual appraisal interview. They’re building an extension to their house. This new job is a further extension of his role as a manager. He’s been granted an extension of the contract for another year. a planned extension to the hospitalIdioms (formal) taking the argument or situation one stage further The blame lies with the teachers and, by extension, with the Education Service.
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