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    BrE BrE//ɪkˈstrɔːdnri//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɪkˈstrɔːrdəneri//
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  1. 1  unexpected, surprising or strange synonym incredible It's extraordinary that he managed to sleep through the party. What an extraordinary thing to say! The president took the extraordinary step of apologizing publicly for his behaviour!
  2. 2  not normal or ordinary; greater or better than usual an extraordinary achievement She was a truly extraordinary woman. They went to extraordinary lengths to explain their behaviour. compare ordinary
  3. 3[only before noun] (formal) (of a meeting, etc.) arranged for a special purpose and happening in addition to what normally or regularly happens An extraordinary meeting was held to discuss the problem.
  4. 4(following nouns) (specialist) (of an official) employed for a special purpose in addition to the usual staff an envoy extraordinary
  5. Word Originlate Middle English: from Latin extraordinarius, from extra ordinem ‘outside the normal course of events’.Extra examples It seems absolutely extraordinary. What makes it so extraordinary is that the experts had all dismissed her theories as nonsense. He did the work with extraordinary energy and good humour. He used the extraordinary powers granted to him by Parliament to introduce economic reforms. I found an extraordinary number of errors in the document. It’s extraordinary that he managed to sleep through the party. She is a truly extraordinary woman. She must have been an extraordinary artist to work with. The club convened an extraordinary general meeting. The discussion was about the treatment of extraordinary items in the company accounts. The festival offers an extraordinary range of artistic events. The portrait does not do justice to her extraordinary beauty. The ruling Socialist Party held an extraordinary congress in July, two months before the annual congress. There was an extraordinary meeting of the Foreign Ministers. They went to extraordinary lengths to obtain a copy of the report.
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