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    BrE BrE//fəˈsɪləti//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fəˈsɪləti//
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  1. 1  facilities [plural] buildings, services, equipment, etc. that are provided for a particular purpose sports/leisure facilities conference facilities shopping/banking/cooking facilities The hotel has special facilities for welcoming disabled people. All rooms have private facilities (= a private bathroom).
  2. 2[countable] a special feature of a machine, service, etc. that makes it possible to do something extra a bank account with an overdraft facility a facility for checking spelling This facility allows the user to input text in various forms onto the screen and thus create a true newspaper page.
  3. 3[countable] a place, usually including buildings, used for a particular purpose or activity the world’s largest nuclear waste facility a new health care facility
  4. 4[singular, uncountable] facility (for something) a natural ability to learn or do something easily She has a facility for languages. He plays the piano with surprising facility.
  5. Word Originearly 16th cent. (denoting the means or unimpeded opportunity for doing something): from French facilité or Latin facilitas, from facilis ‘easy’, from facere ‘do, make’.Extra examples A doctor visited the facility and found deplorable conditions. All bedrooms offer private facilities. Facilities include a large indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna. He played with great facility. He spent 90 days at the county’s local correctional facility. I made full use of the computing facilities. She showed an amazing facility for mind-reading. She trains with the team at their practice facility. The 100 000 square-foot facility houses labs for NASA’s research. The archive offers a central facility for cataloguing and indexing data. The cheque book facility allows for a minimum withdrawal of £200. The communal facilities were in a bad state. The company expects to open its facility by late September. The device has a facility for storing any sound you like. The hotel provides excellent facilities for children. The old facility is now used for storage of dry products. The railway station was criticized for its lack of disabled facilities. The report warns that there are no back-up facilities if the reprocessing plant breaks down. The school has no facilities for the teaching of music. The software’s ‘list’ facility allows users to compile their own list. The toilets and other communal facilities were in a shocking state. We are looking to upgrade the existing facilities. a hotel with only basic facilities a mental health facility a new facility for military training a production facility located in New Mexico a temporary storage facility for blood samples a water treatment facility hospitals, schools and other major community facilities plans to renovate an existing facility prisoners in state and federal facilities residents of long-term care facilities to improve access to essential facilities training and other support facilities
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