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Field Marshal Montgomery

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Bernard Law Montgomery (1887-1976) perhaps the best-known British military leader in World War II, particularly because of his victory when leading the 8th Army against the German forces commanded by Rommel at the Battle of El Alamein in north Africa (1942). The victory at El Alamein was the first major success for the Allies in the war. It made Montgomery a national hero and did much to make the British forces and people believe that victory in the war as a whole was possible.In 1944 Montgomery commanded the British forces in northern Europe after the Normandy landings. However, the Allies at this time were commanded by General Eisenhower, and Montgomery did not get on well with him or like the fact that Eisenhower was senior to him.Montgomery was known by his men and the British public as 'Monty' and always recognized because he wore a beret (= military cap) with two badges on it. He had a strong personality and was very popular with his men. He was made a knight in 1942 and a viscount in 1946.