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    BrE BrE//fiːld//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fiːld//
    Baseball, In school, Soccer, On the farm
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    area of land
  1. 1  [countable] an area of land in the country used for growing crops or keeping animals in, usually surrounded by a fence, etc. People were working in the fields. a ploughed field a field of wheat We camped in a field near the village. CollocationsFarmingGrowing food and raising animals plant trees/​seeds/​crops/​vines/​barley grow/​produce corn/​wheat/​rice/​fruit plough/(North American English) plow land/​a field sow/​harvest seeds/​crops/​fields spread manure/​fertilizer on something cultivate/​irrigate/​water/​contaminate crops/​plants/​fields/​land damage/​destroy/​lose your crop ripen/​pick fruit/​berries/​grapes press/​dry/​ferment grapes grind/​thresh grain/​corn/​wheat raise/​rear/​keep chickens/​poultry/​cattle/​pigs raise/​breed/​feed/​graze livestock/​cattle/​sheep kill/​slaughter livestock preserve/​smoke/​cure/​salt meatModern farming run a fish farm/​an organic dairy engage in/​be involved in intensive (pig/​fish) farming use/​apply (chemical/​organic) fertilizer/​insecticides/​pesticides begin/​do/​conduct field trials of GM (= genetically modified) crops grow/​develop GM crops/​seeds/​plants/​foods fund/​invest in genetic engineering/​research improve/​increase crop yields face/​suffer from/​alleviate food shortages label food that contains GMOs (= genetically modified organisms) eliminate/​reduce farm subsidies oppose/​be against factory farming/​GM food promote/​encourage/​support organic/​sustainable farming See related entries: On the farm
  2. 2[countable] (usually in compounds) an area of land used for the purpose mentioned a landing field a medal for bravery in the field (of battle) see also airfield, battlefield, minefield
  3. 3  [countable] (usually in compounds) a large area of land covered with the thing mentioned; an area from which the thing mentioned is obtained ice fields gas fields see also coalfield, goldfield, oilfield, snowfield
  4. subject/activity
  5. 4  [countable] a particular subject or activity that somebody works in or is interested in synonym area famous in the field of music I enjoy meeting people in other fields of business. All of them are experts in their chosen field. This discovery has opened up a whole new field of research. ‘How big was the bomb, if it did all that damage?’ ‘I don’t know. Not my field’ (= that is not one of the subjects I know about).
  6. practical work
  7. 5[countable] (usually used as an adjective) the fact of people doing practical work or study, rather than working in a library or laboratory a field study/investigation field research/methods We then tested the questionnaire in field conditions. essential reading for those working in the field see also field trip, fieldwork
  8. in sport
  9. 6  (British English also pitch) [countable] (usually in compounds) an area of land used for playing a sport on a baseball/rugby/football, etc. field a sports field Today they take the field (= go on to the field to play a game) against county champions Essex. Players are only reselected if they retain their form on the field (= when they are playing a match). For Liverpool fans, it was a night to remember both on and off the field (= the match was good and so were the celebrations afterwards). see also centre field, playing field See related entries: In school, Soccer
  10. 7[singular + singular or plural verb] (in cricket and baseball) the team that is trying to catch the ball rather than hit it See related entries: Baseball
  11. 8[singular + singular or plural verb] all the people or animals competing in a particular sports event The field includes three world-record holders.
  12. in business
  13. 9[singular + singular or plural verb] all the people or products competing in a particular area of business They lead the field in home entertainment systems.
  14. physics
  15. 10[countable] (usually in compounds) an area within which the force mentioned has an effect the earth’s gravitational field an electro-magnetic field
  16. computing
  17. 11 [countable] part of a record that is a separate item of data You will need to create separate fields for first name, surname and address.
  18. Word OriginOld English feld (also denoting a large tract of open country; compare with veld), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch veld and German Feld.Extra examples Despite the war, they continued to work the fields. He planted fields full of sunflowers. His superb technique puts him head and shoulders ahead of the field. I can’t answer that—I’m afraid it’s outside my field. I work in the field of computer science. Players need discipline both on and off the field. She managed to head the field across the finishing line of the London Marathon. The strong field includes three world record holders. There has been no solid research in this field. These academics are world leaders in their respective fields. Today they take the field against county champions Essex. Today they take the field= go on to the field to play a match against county champions Essex. We had to walk across a ploughed field. We walked across the field. We went on a geology field trip. You will need to create separate fields for first name, last name and address. essential reading for those working in the field looking out on the green fields of Shropshire people walking their dogs on the school’s playing field people who work in this field the discovery of the oil and gas fields in the North Sea the earth’s magnetic field the green fields of my homeland the use of keys to move between fields tractors working out in the field ‘How big was the bomb if it did all that damage?’ ‘I don’t know. It’s not my field.’ For Liverpool fans, it was a night to remember both on and off the field. Golden fields of wheat stretched as far as the eye could see. He was equally famous in the fields of politics and of science. Players are only reselected if they retain their form on the field. Prisoners were sent to work in the gas fields in the north. The farmer had just ploughed the field, ready for planting the next crop. The territory is covered with snow, bare rock and ice fields.Idioms
    leave the field clear for somebody, leave somebody in possession of the field
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    to enable somebody to be successful in a particular area of activity because other people or groups have given up competing with them The complete disarray of the opposition parties leaves the field clear for the government to implement urgent reforms.
    (informal) to have sexual relationships with a lot of different people
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