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    BrE BrE//fɪks//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fɪks//
    Verb Forms present simple I / you / we / they fix
    BrE BrE//fɪks//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fɪks//
    he / she / it fixes
    BrE BrE//ˈfɪksɪz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈfɪksɪz//
    past simple fixed
    BrE BrE//fɪkst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fɪkst//
    past participle fixed
    BrE BrE//fɪkst//
    ; NAmE NAmE//fɪkst//
    -ing form fixing
    BrE BrE//ˈfɪksɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈfɪksɪŋ//
    Styling hair
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  1. 1  fix something (+ adv./prep.) (especially British English) to put something firmly in a place so that it will not move to fix a shelf to the wall to fix a post in the ground (figurative) He noted every detail so as to fix the scene in his mind.
  2. arrange
  3. 2  fix something to decide on a date, a time, an amount, etc. for something synonym set Has the date of the next meeting been fixed? They fixed the rent at £100 a week. Their prices are fixed until the end of the year (= will not change before then).
  4. 3to arrange or organize something fix something (for somebody) I'll fix a meeting. fix something up (for somebody) You have to fix visits up in advance with the museum. fix something with something (informal) Don't worry, I'll fix it with Sarah. fix (up) (for somebody) to do something I’ve fixed up (for us) to go to the theatre next week.
  5. position/time
  6. 4fix something to discover or say the exact position, time, etc. of something We can fix the ship's exact position at the time the fire broke out.
  7. repair
  8. 5  fix something to repair or correct something The car won't start—can you fix it? I've fixed the problem.
  9. food/drink
  10. 6(especially North American English) to provide or prepare something, especially food fix somebody something Can I fix you a drink? fix something for somebody Can I fix a drink for you? fix something I'll fix supper.
  11. hair/face
  12. 7fix something (especially North American English) to make something such as your hair or face neat and attractive I'll fix my hair and then I'll be ready. See related entries: Styling hair
  13. result
  14. 8[often passive] fix something (informal) to arrange the result of something in a way that is not honest or fair I'm sure the race was fixed.
  15. punish
  16. 9fix somebody (informal) to punish somebody who has harmed you and stop them doing you any more harm Don't worry—I'll fix him.
  17. in photography
  18. 10fix something (specialist) to treat film for cameras, etc. with a chemical so that the colours do not change or become less bright
  19. animal
  20. 11fix something (North American English, informal) to make an animal unable to have young by means of an operation see also neuter
  21. Word Originlate Middle English: partly from Old French fix ‘fixed’, partly from medieval Latin fixare ‘to fix’, both from Latin fixus, past participle of figere ‘fix, fasten’. The noun dates from the early 19th cent.Extra examples Fix the bars in position with the screws provided. The handrail can be fixed directly to the wall. We need to get the TV fixed. a problem which can be fixed quickly Could you fix the TV aerial? Don’t imagine that the law can fix everything. Go right on through. I’m just fixing the drinks. How are you fixed for Thursday? I had to take the car into the garage to get it fixed. I’m just going to fix myself some breakfast. I’m sure the match was fixed. I’ve fixed up for you to see the doctor tomorrow. Look around and try to fix the scene in your mind. Mommy, can you fix my toy? She tried to fix things between them, but nothing worked. Start by fixing a post in the ground. The company had a bad image that needed fixing. The dates have to be fixed well in advance. Their departure was fixed for 14 August. We’ll go tomorrow then. Will you fix it with the others? We’re not moving in until the heating’s fixed. We’re trying to fix the cash flow problem by reducing costs. to rig/​fix an electionIdioms
    fix somebody with a look, stare, gaze, etc.
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    to look directly at somebody for a long time He fixed her with an angry stare.
    if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
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    (informal) used to say that if something works well enough, it should not be changed
    Phrasal Verbsfix on somebodyfix something on somebodyfix somethingupfix somebody up (with somebody)fix somebody up (with something)
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