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    BrE BrE//friːk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//friːk//
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  1. 1(informal) a person with a very strong interest in a particular subject a health/fitness/jazz, etc. freak see also control freak
  2. 2(disapproving) a person who is considered to be unusual because of the way they behave, look or think She was treated like a freak because she didn't want children. He's going out with a real freak.
  3. 3(also freak of nature) (sometimes offensive) a person, an animal, a plant or a thing that is not physically normal
  4. 4a very unusual and unexpected event By some freak of fate they all escaped without injury.
  5. Word Origin mid 16th cent. (originally meaning a whim or sudden change of mind): probably from a dialect word.Extra examples By some freak of fate, she won an enormous sum of money. For the real speed freak, there is a 2-litre, fuel-injection version of the car. Her dad is a total control freak. Her dad seems to be a bit of a control freak, always keeping a close watch on what anybody’s doing. I felt a bit of a freak in my strange clothes. I’m such a neat freak that I clean up after other people. Other students regarded him as a freak. The manager described the 8–0 defeat as a freak result. This was no more than a freak of history. What kind of sick freak is this guy? He’s a real fitness freak— he goes to the gym every single day. I wish people wouldn’t stare, as if I were some kind of freak. In the past freaks were shown at fairs. This butterfly is a freak of nature, black and white instead of blue.
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