Definition of friendly adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



    BrE BrE//ˈfrendli//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈfrendli//
    (friendlier, friendliest) Soccer, Kind, Friendly
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  1. 1  behaving in a kind and pleasant way because you like somebody or want to help them a warm and friendly person friendly to/toward(s) somebody Everyone was very friendly towards me. opposite unfriendly See related entries: Kind, Friendly
  2. 2  showing kindness; making you feel relaxed and as though you are among friends a friendly smile/welcome a small hotel with a friendly atmosphere opposite unfriendly
  3. 3  friendly (with somebody) treating somebody as a friend We soon became friendly with the couple next door. She was on friendly terms with most of the hospital staff. We were not on the friendliest of terms (= we were not friendly at all).
  4. 4  (especially of the relationship between countries) not treating somebody/something as an enemy to maintain friendly relations with all countries opposite hostile
  5. 5  (often in compound adjectives) that is helpful and easy to use; that helps somebody/something or does not harm it This software is much friendlier than the previous version. environmentally-friendly farming methods ozone-friendly cleaning materials see also user-friendly
  6. 6  in which the people, teams, etc. taking part are not seriously competing against each other a friendly argument friendly rivalry (British English) It was only a friendly match. See related entries: Soccer
  7. Extra examples For once he seemed almost friendly. Frank was a genuinely friendly guy. He seemed detached, almost bored, but perfectly friendly. He was always friendly towards me. He was starting to get too friendly. Her manner was not exactly friendly She’s very friendly with Maureen. They were pretty friendly when they worked together. We have managed to remain on friendly terms. environmentally friendly cleaning products Everyone was exceptionally friendly towards me. It’s a small hotel with a friendly atmosphere. John gave me a friendly smile. She’s a very warm and friendly person. The boss had a friendly chat with me about the problem after work. The government has maintained friendly relations with the Japanese. We were not on the friendliest of terms.