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genetically modified

BrE BrE//dʒəˌnetɪkli ˈmɒdɪfaɪd//
; NAmE NAmE//dʒəˌnetɪkli ˈmɑːdɪfaɪd//
(abbreviation GM) Genetic engineering, Crops
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(of a plant, etc.) having had its genetic structure changed artificially, so that it will produce more fruit or not be affected by disease genetically modified foods (= made from plants that have been changed in this way) Wordfinderblight, cereal, crop, genetically modified, grain, harvest, monoculture, organic, staple, yield CollocationsFarmingGrowing food and raising animals plant trees/​seeds/​crops/​vines/​barley grow/​produce corn/​wheat/​rice/​fruit plough/(North American English) plow land/​a field sow/​harvest seeds/​crops/​fields spread manure/​fertilizer on something cultivate/​irrigate/​water/​contaminate crops/​plants/​fields/​land damage/​destroy/​lose your crop ripen/​pick fruit/​berries/​grapes press/​dry/​ferment grapes grind/​thresh grain/​corn/​wheat raise/​rear/​keep chickens/​poultry/​cattle/​pigs raise/​breed/​feed/​graze livestock/​cattle/​sheep kill/​slaughter livestock preserve/​smoke/​cure/​salt meatModern farming run a fish farm/​an organic dairy engage in/​be involved in intensive (pig/​fish) farming use/​apply (chemical/​organic) fertilizer/​insecticides/​pesticides begin/​do/​conduct field trials of GM (= genetically modified) crops grow/​develop GM crops/​seeds/​plants/​foods fund/​invest in genetic engineering/​research improve/​increase crop yields face/​suffer from/​alleviate food shortages label food that contains GMOs (= genetically modified organisms) eliminate/​reduce farm subsidies oppose/​be against factory farming/​GM food promote/​encourage/​support organic/​sustainable farming See related entries: Genetic engineering, Crops Culture Some companies are working on changing the structure of plants that are grown as food using new technology called biotechnology or genetic engineering. An example is changing the genes of a type of grain so that it will not be destroyed when farmers spray the crop with pesticides (= chemicals for killing insects which eat crops) or herbicides (= chemicals for killing plants). There has been a lot of discussion in the media about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Some scientists, food companies and governments argue that it can help to feed the world's growing population, especially in poor countries. Others argue that genetically modified food may be harmful and that GM crops may affect other crops grown nearby. Public opposition has led some supermarkets in Britain not to sell food that contains genetically modified ingredients and EU governments have passed laws about labelling so that consumers can know whether the food they buy contains GM ingredients or not.
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