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George Washington

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(1732-99) the first US President (1789-97), who had led its army to success in the American Revolution. He is called 'the Father of His Country'. The Continental Congress placed him in charge of the American forces in 1775. Although his army had a difficult and dangerous winter at Valley Forge, General Washington led them to several victories, including the final Battle of Yorktown. He later gave his important approval for the American Constitution and was elected in 1789 as the country's first president. He supported a strong central government but disliked political party arguments. He was elected a second time, but refused to stand as a candidate for a third time and returned to his home at Mount Vernon.Americans have always admired Washington as one of their best and most moral presidents. He is considered by many to have been the country's greatest leader and perhaps the only one who could have united the colonists during the American Revolution. Most people know the story of how as a boy he cut down his father's cherry tree and then admitted what he had done, saying, ‘I cannot tell a lie.’ The story may not be true but it is seen as a symbol of his honesty. Washington's fine personal qualities and fair politics were recognized during his life, and they seem even more impressive today. His memory is honoured by the Washington Monument and the names of the country's capital city, a state, many counties, government buildings, schools, streets, mountains, etc., and his image appears on the dollar note and the 25-cent coin.

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