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    BrE BrE//ɡɪft//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɡɪft//
    Departments in stores
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  1. 1  a thing that you give to somebody, especially on a special occasion or to say thank you synonym present The watch was a gift from my mother. Thank you for your generous gift. a free gift for every reader the gift of life (formal) The family made a gift of his paintings to the gallery. gifts of toys for the children See related entries: Departments in stores
  2. 2  a natural ability synonym talent gift (for something) She has a great gift for music. gift (for doing something) He has a gift for making friends easily. She can pick up a tune instantly on the piano. It's a gift.
  3. 3[usually singular] (informal) a thing that is very easy to do or cheap to buy Their second goal was an absolute gift. At £500 it's a gift.
  4. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old Norse gipt; related to give.Extra examples Her parents brought a set of spoons as a gift. Here are ten great gift ideas for your friends. New customers will receive a free gift pack containing a selection of our products. Please accept this small gift. She has a natural gift for music. She received lavish gifts of clothes and perfume. She wanted to make a gift to her grandchildren. Thank you all for your kind gifts. The children all received gifts. The golf clubs were her gift to her husband. The messengers brought the king a fine suit of armour as a gift. There were gifts for all the children. These little boxes make perfect hostess gifts. They gave each other gifts at Christmas. This vase was a gift from my mother. When you place your first order with us, we will send you a free gift. When you place your first order with us, we will send you the free gift of your choice. a gift set of shampoo, soap and hand cream an outfit that Aunt Marilyn gave as a baby shower gift his great gifts as a teacher the problem of what to do with unwanted gifts All such posts are in the gift of the managing director. By becoming a blood donor you will be making a vital gift of life to someone else. She can pick up a tune instantly on the piano—it’s a gift she has. The gift of love is the greatest gift a person can give or receive. The party was originally funded by a gift of £50 000 from a top motor manufacturer. There’s a free gift for every reader. a gift for drawing/​painting/​writing/​drama/​improvisation/​languages/​music a gift for friendship/​teaching/​humour/​calming people down/​bringing people together/​healingIdioms
    be in the gift of somebody, be in somebody’s gift
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    (especially British English) if something such as an important job or a special right or advantage is in somebody’s gift, that person can decide who to give it to All such posts are in the gift of the managing director (= only given by the managing director).
    the gift of the gab (British English) (US English a gift for/of gab)
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    (informal, sometimes disapproving) the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words Joe’s got the gift of the gab—he can sell anything.
    God’s gift (to somebody/something)
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    (ironic) a person who thinks that they are particularly good at something or who thinks that somebody will find them particularly attractive He seems to think he's God's gift to women.
    look a gift horse in the mouth
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    (usually with negatives) (informal) to refuse or criticize something that is given to you for nothing I’m never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.
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