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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  to fall to the ground She tripped and went down with a bump.
  2. 2  if a ship, etc. goes down, it disappears below the water synonym sink
  3. 3  when the sun or moon goes down, it disappears below the horizon synonym set See related entries: The sun and the moon
  4. 4  if food or drink will/will not go down, it is easy/difficult to swallow A glass of wine would go down very nicely (= I would very much like one).
  5. 5  if the price of something, the temperature, etc. goes down, it becomes lower synonym fall The price of oil is going down. Oil is going down in price. opposite go up (4) See related entries: Trends
  6. 6  (informal) to get worse in quality The neighbourhood has gone down a lot recently.
  7. 7   (computing) to stop working temporarily The system is going down in ten minutes.
  8. 8  (North American English, informal) to happen You really don't know what's going down?
(British English, formal) to leave a university, especially Oxford or Cambridge, at the end of a term or after finishing your studies She went down (from Cambridge) in 2008. opposite go up (to…)
to be written in something; to be recorded or remembered in something It all goes down (= she writes it all) in her notebook. He will go down in history as a great statesman.
(slang) to perform oral sex on somebody (= to use the mouth to give somebody sexual pleasure)
to be defeated by somebody, especially in a game or competition Italy went down to Brazil by three goals to one.

go down (to…) (from…)

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to go from one place to another, especially further south or from a city or large town to a smaller place They've gone down to Brighton for a couple of days. opposite go up (to…) (from…)

go down (with somebody)

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to be received in a particular way by somebody The suggestion didn't go down very well with her boss.
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