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    BrE BrE//ɡreɪv//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɡreɪv//
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  1. 1  a place in the ground where a dead person is buried We visited Grandma's grave. There were flowers on the grave. See related entries: Death
  2. 2[singular] (also the grave) (usually literary) death; a person’s death Is there life beyond the grave (= life after death)? He followed her to the grave (= died soon after her). She smoked herself into an early grave (= died young as a result of smoking).
  3. Word OriginOld English græf, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch graf and German Grab. The adjective dates from late 15th cent. (originally of a wound in the sense ‘severe, serious’): from Old French grave or Latin gravis ‘heavy, serious’. Wordfinderashes, cemetery, coffin, cremation, die, funeral, grave, hearse, morgue, mournExtra examples A mass grave has been discovered in a wood outside the village. A mass grave has been discovered outside the town. He rescued her from a watery grave. His body is buried in an unmarked grave. I’ll be in my grave by the time that happens! She puts fresh flowers on her husband’s grave every Sunday. She smoked herself into an early grave= died young as a result of smoking. Some of the graves have been desecrated by vandals. The body was found in a shallow grave in a nearby wood. The grave was marked by a simple headstone. The mourners threw flowers into the open grave. The old lady still influences the family from beyond the grave. Whenever he goes home he visits his mother’s grave.Idioms
    dig your own grave, dig a grave for yourself
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    to do something that will have very harmful results for you
    from the cradle to the grave
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    a way of referring to the whole of a person’s life, from birth until death
    have one foot in the grave
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    (informal) to be so old or ill/sick that you are not likely to live much longer See related entries: Being ill
    turn in his/her grave (British English) (North American English also roll (over) in his/her grave)
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    (of a person who is dead) likely to be very shocked or angry My father would turn in his grave if he knew.
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