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    BrE BrE//ɡaɪd//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ɡaɪd//
    The tourist industry
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  1. 1  guide (to something) a book, magazine, etc. that gives you information, help or instructions about something a Guide to Family Health Let's have a look at the TV guide and see what's on.
  2. 2  (also guidebook) guide (to something) a book that gives information about a place for travellers or tourists a guide to Italy travel guides Wordfinderabroad, backpack, border, guide, passport, resort, sightseeing, tourist, travel, visa
  3. person
  4. 3  a person who shows other people the way to a place, especially somebody employed to show tourists around interesting places a tour guide We hired a local guide to get us across the mountains. See related entries: The tourist industry
  5. 4a person who advises you on how to live and behave a spiritual guide His elder sister had been his guide, counsellor and friend.
  6. something that helps you decide
  7. 5something that gives you enough information to be able to make a decision about something or form an opinion As a rough guide, allow half a cup of rice per person. I let my feelings be my guide.
  8. girl
  9. 6Guide (old-fashioned Girl Guide) (both British English) (US English Girl Scout) a member of an organization (called the Guides or the Girl Scouts) which is similar to the Scouts and which trains girls in practical skills and does a lot of activities with them, for example camping compare brownie Culture The organization for girls called the Guides (and formerly called the Girl Guides Association) was started in 1910 as an equivalent to the Scouts (formerly called the Boy Scouts). It encourages practical skills and a helpful attitude to other people. In Britain, Guides are divided into four groups: Rainbows (aged 5 to 7), Brownies (aged 7 to 10), Guides (aged 10 to 14), and the Senior Section, consisting of Ranger Guides and Young Leaders (aged 14 to 25). Adult helpers in the Guides Association are called Guiders.
  10. Word Originlate Middle English: from Old French guide (noun), guider (verb), of Germanic origin.Extra examples I consulted my guide as I walked around the cathedral. Our tour guide showed us around the old town. Remember, this chart is only a guide. The book contains a quick reference guide to essential grammar at the back. These figures give a rough guide as to the sales we can expect. This book is the definitive guide to world cuisine. Use the table below as a guide to how much detergent to use. We consulted our guides as we walked around the cathedral. a guide to British birds a step-by-step guide to creating your own website a survival guide for business managers A guru is the spiritual guide of his students. As a general guide, large dogs need more exercise than small ones. As a guide, the largest pie will feed twelve. He has written a number of travel guides. His sister had been his guide, counsellor and friend. It should only be used as an approximate guide. Let’s have a look at the TV guide and see what’s on. These figures should be taken as a rough guide.
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