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    BrE BrE//ˈhændl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈhændl//
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    of door/drawer/window
  1. 1  the part of a door, drawer, window, etc. that you use to open it She turned the handle and opened the door.
  2. of cup/bag/tool
  3. 2  the part of an object, such as a cup, a bag or a tool, that you use to hold it or carry it the handle of a knife a broom handle The handle's broken off this jug. see also love handles
  4. -handled
  5. 3(in adjectives) having the number or type of handle mentioned a long-handled spoon
  6. name
  7. 4a name or nickname
  8. 5a username for the Twitter social networking service, sometimes written after the ‘@’ symbol, or the website address for that service, which acts as a link to the user’s profile (= a description of that person) and to messages written by or about the user I added my handle at the top of my blog page so that readers could view my tweets as well as my blog posts. See related entries: Social networking
  9. Word OriginOld English handle (noun), handlian (verb), from hand.Extra examples His initials were on the knife handle. The table folds up and comes complete with a carrying handle. You have to turn the handle and then pull it towards you. He tried the handle but the window was locked.Idioms (informal) to suddenly become very angry He seems to fly off the handle about the slightest thing these days. See related entries: Anger
    get/have a handle on somebody/something
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    (informal) to understand or know about somebody/something, especially so that you can deal with it or them later I can't get a handle on these sales figures.
    give somebody a handle (on something)
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    (informal) to give somebody enough facts or knowledge for them to be able to deal with something Visiting the country should give us a better handle on understanding the problems.
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