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    BrE BrE//hæt//
    ; NAmE NAmE//hæt//
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  1. 1   a covering made to fit the head, often with a brim (= a flat edge that sticks out), and worn out of doors a straw/woolly, etc. hat to put on/take off a hat See related entries: Accessories
  2. 2(informal) a position or role, especially an official or professional role, when you have more than one such role I'm wearing two hats tonight—parent and teacher. I'm telling you this with my lawyer's hat on, you understand.
  3. see also old hat
    Word OriginOld English hætt, of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse hǫttr ‘hood’, also to hood.Extra examples He placed a battered felt hat on his head. He pulled his hat down over his face. The doorman tipped his hat as we entered. The governor wore a cocked hat trimmed with white feathers. a cowboy hat a fur/​straw/​woolly hat a hard hat a riding hat a sun hat a top hatIdioms immediately; without hesitating The company can't expect me to move my home and family at the drop of a hat.
    go hat in hand (to somebody) (North American English) (especially British English go cap in hand (to somebody))
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    to ask somebody for something, especially money, in a very polite way that makes you seem less important
    (old-fashioned) used to express surprise (informal) used to say that you think something is very unlikely to happen If she's here on time, I'll eat my hat!
    I take my hat off to somebody, hats off to somebody (both especially British English) (usually North American English I tip my hat to somebody)
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    (informal) used to say that you admire somebody very much for something they have done related noun hat tip
    keep something under your hat
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    (informal) to keep something secret and not tell anyone else
    knock somebody/something into a cocked hat
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    (old-fashioned, British English) to be very much better than somebody/something She knocks the rest of the cast into a cocked hat.
    if something such as a name is picked out of a/the hat, it is picked at random from a container into which all the names are put, so that each name has an equal chance of being picked, in a competition, etc.
    pass the hat round/around
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    (informal) to collect money from a number of people, for example to buy a present for somebody
    pull something/a rabbit out of the hat
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    (informal) to suddenly produce something as a solution to a problem
    (old-fashioned, informal) to say silly things while you are talking about a subject you do not understand
    throw your hat into the ring
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    to announce officially that you are going to compete in an election, a competition, etc.
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