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BrE BrE//ˈhiːtɪŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈhiːtɪŋ//
[uncountable] (especially British English) (also heat especially in North American English)
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the process of supplying heat to a room or building; a system used to do this Who turned the heating off? What type of heating do you have? a gas heating system heating bills see also central heatingExtra examples Our heating goes off at eleven o’clock and comes on again at seven. The flat has gas-fired central heating. The heating doesn’t work. The heating was on but the window was open. The heating’s on low. The house was very cold because the heating had broken down. They are afraid to put the heating on because it’s so expensive. They have their heating turned off during the morning. We haven’t had the heating on this evening. We’re having central heating installed. What sort of heating system does your new place have? What sort of heating system has your new flat got? If you insulate your house properly you’ll end up spending less on heating bills. They are installing a new gas heating system.
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