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    BrE BrE//haɪ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//haɪ//
    (higher, highest)
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    far from ground/bottom
  1. 1  at or to a position or level that is a long way up from the ground or from the bottom An eagle circled high overhead. I can't jump any higher. She never got very high in the company. His desk was piled high with papers. She's aiming high (= hoping to be very successful) in her exams.
  2. value/amount
  3. 2  at or to a large cost, value or amount Prices are expected to rise even higher this year.
  4. sound
  5. 3  at a high pitch I can't sing that high. opposite low
  6. Word OriginOld English hēah, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoog and German hoch.Word Familyhigh adjective noun adverbhighly adverbheight nounheighten verbIdioms to be successful or very confident The company is riding high this year. See related entries: Confident to be successful British cinema has been flying high recently, winning several coveted awards. everywhere I've searched high and low for my purse.
    hold your head high, hold up your head
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    to be proud of or not feel ashamed about something that you have done She managed to hold her head high and ignore what people were saying. See related entries: Proud
    (especially of feelings) to be strong and angry or excited Feelings ran high as the election approached.
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