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    BrE BrE//ˈhaɪweɪ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈhaɪweɪ//
    Types of road
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  1. 1  (especially North American English) a main road for travelling long distances, especially one connecting and going through cities and towns an interstate highway Highway patrol officers closed the road. See related entries: Types of road
  2. 2(British English, formal) a public road A parked car was obstructing the highway. See related entries: Types of road
  3. Extra examples A blowout at highway speeds can be dangerous. He took highway 314 heading north. He travels the highways and byways of Texas. He was fined for obstructing the public highway. I used to travel that highway with my family. I’m still learning how to navigate the information highway. Once you hit the highway, the only services are at Eagle Plains. They tore along the highway. We pulled off the highway and stopped for a break. a four-lane highway the highway to Sydney A long stretch of coastal highway was flooded. All citizens have the right to use the public highway Learn the Highway Code before you start to learn to drive. Plans were being made for the construction of a new interstate highway system. The hotel is located off Highway 21. There is a Highways Department proposal for new traffic islands. There’s a 55 mph speed limit on most highways. We soon reached the highway interchange.Idioms (informal, especially North American English) = daylight robbery (North American English, informal) used to say that somebody else has either to agree with your opinion or to leave
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