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BrE BrE//hɪs//
; NAmE NAmE//hɪs//
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a sound like a long ‘s’; this sound used to show disapproval of somebody the hiss of the air brakes the snake’s hiss The performance was met with boos and hisses. More Like This Onomatopoeic words beep, bleep, boohoo, brrr, buzz, click, clip-clop, ding-dong, hiss, mwah, peep, ping, plop, pop, rat-tat, splat, splosh, squeak, squeal, squelch, swish, tee-hee, thud, thwack, tick-tock, toot, vroom, wham, whoosh, zoomSee worksheet. Word Originlate Middle English (as a verb): imitative.Extra examples She let out a hiss of pain. The snake gave a hiss. There was a low hiss on the tape. We could hear the faint hiss of escaping gas. The hiss of air brakes announced the arrival of the tour bus. This comment was met with boos and hisses.
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