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    BrE BrE//aɪˈdentɪkl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//aɪˈdentɪkl//
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  1. 1similar in every detail a row of identical houses The two pictures are similar, although not identical. identical to somebody/something Her dress is almost identical to mine. identical with somebody/something The number on the card should be identical with the one on the chequebook. Language BanksimilarlyMaking comparisons This chart provides a comparison of the ways that teenage boys and girls in the UK spend their free time. In many cases, the results for boys and girls are virtually the same/identical. In many cases, the results for boys are virtually the same as/identical to the results for girls. Both boys and girls spend the bulk of their free time with friends. Most of the boys do more than two hours of sport a week, as do many of the girls. Like many of the girls, most of the boys spend a large part of their free time using the Internet. The girls particularly enjoy using social networking websites. Similarly, nearly all the boys said they spent at least two to three hours a week on these sites.
  2. 2the identical [only before noun] the same This is the identical room we stayed in last year.
  3. Word Originlate 16th cent. (as a mathematical term): from medieval Latin identicus, from late Latin identitas, from Latin idem ‘same’.Extra examples The two houses were more or less identical. These two models are absolutely identical in appearance. They’re shaded differently but are otherwise identical. This knife is identical to the one used in the attack. offspring that are genetically identical with the parents I came to a row of identical houses. The number on the card should be identical with the one on the cheque book.
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